Institutional Investors

Next Round Capital has long-term relationships with the most active venture backed direct secondary buyers and sellers in the market. By staying up-to-date on the latest transactions and offering real-time market pricing, we are able to provide institutional investors with updated valuations to buy or sell large private share blocks. We offer institutional investors the opportunity to scale into sizable direct transactions as well as creative co-investment opportunities

  • 5x Growth in Private Markets (last decade)

  • $750bln of market cap transacted

  • $10 TLN Raised in the Private Markets


Employee Shareholders

Next Round Capital is a leader in the pre-IPO space, helping private company shareholders access the value of their equity to meet their financial and life goals. Whether you want to sell shares or receive a loan based on the value of your shares, we provide market overviews and connect you to suitable buyers from our pool of accredited investors and institutions.

  • House Purchase

  • Portfolio Diversification

  • Pay Taxes

  • Launch a New Startup

  • Invest


Individual Investors

Build your exposure to the fastest growing private companies through growth equity investing with Next Round Capital. We offer accredited investors access to hard-to-find private companies directly or through SPV’s. By understanding your goals, we are able to provide matching opportunities.

  • Access Latest Startups

  • Get In Early

  • Leverage Our Research


Private Companies

Next Round Capital helps founders and management teams stay ahead of the curve by staying private while rewarding their employees and streamlining their cap tables. Whether you are interested in providing a tender offer or a shares-backed lending option for employees, we will help you decide on a solution that is best for the company and its shareholders.

  • Cap Table Management

  • Employee Liquidity

  • Price Discovery